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One minute, Dominic was flying through the air, on a direct route to slash out the Cathar's innards...and the next, he was on the ground, with a severe pain in the left side of his neck. He had been flying head-first, his vibrosword drawn back to his right side with both hands...and then he hit something. Something that snapped his neck to the side, causing his shoulder and the crook of his neck to take the brunt of the impact.

"Sith's blood!" he spat, lifting his left hand to massage the pulled muscle. No severe damage had been done, he found...but his pride had certainly been wounded, and it would be a debt that would be repaid.

The other two - the Cathar and the armored man - seemed to be a surprised by what had just happened as he was, because though he was distracted with a pained neck, neither one moved to do anything. So when he stood and straightened out his tunic and mesh armor, stretching his neck, both bodies were motionless...which suited him just fine. He frowned at the Cathar, not moving. What in the galaxy's name had just...

And then he saw it. The shimmer of a Force shield, parting him from the Cathar...but the energy wasn't coming from her. Slowly, he turned to look at the wounded Sith...and frowned. Risking her life to save a Jedi?

"You are a severely confused person, you know that?" he raised an eyebrow, but in a moment lost interest in her. Turning back to the wall of Force energy that was restricting him, he took his sword in his left and stepped back. Raising his right, a slow smirk began to cross his lips as the tattoo in his palm tingled. The Cathar would see a streak of light flash across it...and then, suddenly, the Force energy began to disappear.
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