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((Sorry if I missed anything, but this is getting sort of confusing. If I did miss anything let me know.))

Juhani looked on in wonder as the sith managed to put up a force barrier between her newest foe and herself. She then turned to look at the armored man who had joined the fray.

It's a good thing that she was able to put up such a strong barrier. I was never good at those sorts of things.

She turned toward the armored man and nodded at him and then looked at the barrier which was begining to fade.

What could be causing that barrier to fade like that?

She turned to the armored man and motioned for him to stand at a battle position. She then used the force to speak directly into his mind. You take him from the left...I'll take him from the right. Try and protect the sith at all costs.

Juhani was just about to begin her attack when yet another person using twin Vibroswords seeminly dropped out of nowhere.

"What is going on here?" She wondered outloud.

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