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And so it was done. Three from the figure's arms shall part, yet only one shall return. For there can be only two, and fate has decreed Gagnante shall be the figure's apprentice. But the loose ends... they have not yet been tied up. And this is what the figure's heart, if he has one to call his own, is set on now.

Korriban is buzzing with the force. The Dark Side. And it is this powerful energy that the figure harnessed, and used it to see inside the tomb of Ajunta Pall. How a great swordsman will have his tomb forever lost to the darkness was a mystery to the figure, but it was not for he to question, but to do.

Initiate, he thought, contacting the lone figure that ventured inside. There shall be no kindness for him, as he was a failure, and not worthy to be called the Sith. He heard the initiate clad in armor speak, unable to comprehend how his master has entered his thoughts. Initiate, he repeated, you have failed.

The minds of creatures are fealty to no one, and are easy to manipulate. It would've been easy for the figure to summon a hundred Desert Hulaks to his own bidding, but that was not his goal today. For the spirits of the Sith shall feed on the failure of the initiate. He summoned a great deal of force, then used it to contact the Hssiss, and draw them back to their corporeal form. Then, upon seeing that they have, he sent them all to the tomb, as ethereal beasts.

The initiate would not have realized until it was too late. By then, a hundred rocks would fall in and seal the initiate to his brutal death. A scream would be heard, and the tale of the armored initiate would be forever forgotten, except by the figure, who is Ibis.


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