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Ever since she'd been exiled, this tiny little ship had served as a home for Arai Elan. Barely more than a cockpit, a bedroom, and a small twelve by eighteen foot space intended for some sort of cargo, worn out almost to the breaking, it actually deserved the name painted haphazardly on the port and starboard sides of the arrowhead cockpit: Rusty Bucket.

Artificial gravity was off, though whether it was because Arai flicked the switch and turned it off or whether its connection to the power supply had failed (again) was up for debate. Whatever the cause, Arai was deep in a meditative trance drifting lazily in almost the exact center of the entire ship's mass, and expending only a fraction of her meditative energy to remain so. The ship itself was in a high orbit around Coruscant and there were two body bags strapped to the walls in its tiny cargo room.

Her mind drifted back in time almost a full day. She found that it was easier to let go of her darker actions if she replayed them in her mind while fully in the Light Sided meditation and repented. Her peaceful expression twisted just slightly as the memory began...

It had begun innocently enough. She sat across from a man whose reputation she'd been told was a bit questionable. His clothes suggested it was more than just dubious. But he had information and she needed it. It would have been easy enough to find and follow his lesser shatterpoints through to the conclusion she wanted. They'd have both left the table happy.

"I should have done," she murmured.

But she didn't. She saw the fault line as plain as day. It was fast, it was easy, it was ruthless. A darker element deep within her heart mocked her, told her that she was too weak to make use of something so cruel. It dared and she accepted. Her eyes flashed golden briefly before reverting to their natural blue.

"Kattra Havia," she said softly. "Pike district. Coronet Noble Apartment number three."

He panicked, exactly the response she'd expected. "What? What did you do to her?"

The fault line moved just slightly. It was still centered around the woman. "Nothing yet," she answered. "But do you want to risk that?"

He'd given her the information. Then, she projected the woman's image into his mind, in pain. He lurched from the table, in tears. With a faint, cruel smirk, Arai rose and returned to her ship.

It was such a subtle use of the Dark Side, but nonetheless poisoning to the heart. With great care and deliberation, she took the memory and released it into nothing. The event was still in her mind, but the emotion that had accompanied it had passed. Slowly, Arai unfurled her legs and opened her eyes. Still drifting, she called on the Force to switch the gravity back on. There was a pop and nothing happened. Laughing softly, Arai drifted into the tiny, cramped engine room and got to work at repairs.


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