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The next thing Perdante knew, she was comfortable, lying on a better cot with an actual mattress, and clean! Apparently Juhani had compassionately seen to her needs, including those that were not purely medical. Her broken leg was in a wrapping, but the young woman suspected that her vanquisher and savior had healed it through the Force--at least partially. She rose from the cot, tested the leg, and found it surprisingly pain-free, though yet unsteady. She'd walk with a permanent limp, no doubt.

She ventured into the cockpit, finding the Cathar at the controls of the ship.

Perdante knelt before Juhani, bowing her head. "I cannot express how grateful I am for your rescuing me," she said, "even though I tried to slay you earlier. You are stronger than I ever could have guessed at first glance, both in the Force and in your heart of hearts. You have won, and you may claim me as your prize for victory. I have lost, and yet I feel no shame. I am proud to be Perdante." She gazed up at the vessel's pilot with humble respect.
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