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[Son of a- That doesn't make much sense, but I'll try to cope anyway.]

Ibis descended, seeing that his prey was no longer in the planet. So be it. You may prolong your suffering, but it will come to you, in the end.

As he set down, he traveled to the old settlement of Dreshdae, largely destroyed and unpopulated. The Sith Academy's infighting years ago have not done well to preserve the community, and the old structures now lie there with the bodies of those who once lived in them.

But Dreshdae is not devoid of life. No, not today. Today, there was a salvor and his ship, set down just between Dreshdae and the Academy. He sat in front of the fighter, then meditated.

A few minutes later, a young man came out of the settlement, surprised to see Ibis meditating. Convinced that the Sith Lord knew not of his presence, he thought to bring out his blaster, and put a bolt inside the Sith's head. As he pointed at his target, however, his blaster suddenly flew away, grabbed from his hand by an unimaginable force.

Do not presume to outwit me, human, uttered the meditating Ibis.

The human thought to run away, but as he did, the doors of Dreshdae shut close. All of the human's attempts at opening it were at a loss. As he banged on it repeatedly, something quizzical would happen. He would float in midair, and set down near the Sith Lord.

Ibis then stood up, his meditations now over. It was at that time that the salvor was now on his knees, begging, "Please, great Sith Lord, spare me. My life is-"

"Hush. Your life may be useful to me in the times to come. Tell me, human, does your fighter have the capability to travel through hyperspace?

The salvor stood up, then nodded rather hastily. "Yes, sir, she can."

Good. That is good. You shall take me, human, to where I need to be. You shall be my slave. Your life is mine.

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