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Perdante took a seat next to Juhani in the co-pilot's chair. "My Master is elusive," she began, "so much so that he--or she, or it--never let any of us Sith Initiates get close enough to confirm that this presence was even flesh and blood. Half the time when our Master was addressing us, I honestly thought that the figure I saw before me was a projection through the Force! Despite this, however, all of us were to obey any commands without question. That I did, and that is how I earned the title of 'winner'." She smiled ruefully. "Before this, I had never lost a battle. If I had, I would have been slain as a failure." A brief pause. "That's what my Master does to those who do not succeed."

She brushed back a strand of her dark copper-red hair. "I do not know his origins, his background, or his ultimate goal. I do not even know his name." Perdante shook her head. "I'm truly sorry that I cannot tell you more."
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