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His entrance was abrupt and rather surprising, and as Dominic walked down the central aisle, he could feel every eye in the place upon him. A small, superior smirk appeared on his lips; what could he say? He liked the attention.

"Perfectly, your holiness." he answered dutifully. He was about halfway to the dais on which the Seeker stood, and when he reached the foot of the steps, he knelt to the ground and placed his right fist - the eye-bearing hand - over his heart, his head bowed. "The Jedi Enclave on Dantooine has been all but demolished; with its supports destroyed, the building collapsed like a house of cards, taking out everything left inside."

Except, he thought, the datapad he had taken for himself. He'd nearly succeeded in repairing it on board his ship in the midst of transit, and discovered far more than he had expected. The datapad wasn't just a text or a journal, but an actual Jedi holocron. He suspected that this was what those Force users he encountered were after...those Force users that escaped him. He decided that knowledge of his encounter would only be shared with Adeline at a later, more private time. No need to let the general populace know about his failure.
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