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Gathering Place of the Found, Coruscant

"Everything left inside?" asked Seeker Adeline, narrowing her piercing blue eyes. "Are you sure, Pilgrim Dominic? How many Jedi were slain in the explosion?" Silence.

When she received no answer, the Seeker waved her hand dismissively. "No matter. In my eyes, and those of the Creator, your mission was a resounding success! After all, it is not the Jedi we seek to kill on sight, but the Sith. It is far better to capture the so-called 'servants of the Light' alive so that they may choose which path they wish to follow." She motioned for him to rise.

"Pilgrim," she continued, "you have done a great service this day. With their unholy Enclave utterly demolished, the users of the Force will not return to Dantooine for some time. It will be an incredible blow to their morale."

She turned again to the congregation. "Let us pray, my fellow Pilgrims:

Creator of land, sky and sea,
Creator of this galaxy,
Creator of the human race
And aliens in this vast space,
Protect us from those villains who
Would seek to overshadow you.

The users of the Force, they claim
They wield it humbly in Your name,
Or else they seek to rise and rule,
Calling Your Force merely a tool.
But, by Your hand, they all shall die
Or lose the powers on which they rely.
This is Your will. May it be done.
Your Pilgrims vow this, all as one.


That was an ancient word meaning "do", in the imperative mood: "Do this!"
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