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"Psycho...That is an unusual name. I am called Juhani. And If I may ask you a question before we all rest...are you skilled in combat?"

Had he had his helmet off Juhani would have been greeted with a large grin. He could have listed and endless wave of all the weapons he used but he decided to leave the best impression possible on Juhani since she had allowed him on her ship.

"Let's see, I can wield blasters, heavy weapons, explosives are a specialty of mine, I can fight without weapons and I'm skilled in bladed combat." he replied.

Gathering Place of the Found, Coruscant

Zen made his way through the gathering place of The Found. The 7 foot tall alien had on hand on his energy sword and the other wrapped around the neck of a Jedi. He deactivated his blade and placed the handle at his side. He continued walking until he heard chanting. He got down on one knee and bowed his head.

The users of the Force, they claim
They wield it humbly in Your name,
Or else they seek to rise and rule,
Calling Your Force merely a tool.
But, by Your hand, they all shall die
Or lose the powers on which they rely.
This is Your will. May it be done.
Your Pilgrims vow this, all as one.


Zen stood up and began walking over to Adeline. He stopped when he felt he was close enough to her. He bowed once more as a sign of respect to Adeline.

"Mighty Seeker Adeline, I have returned from Tatooine with great news. 2 sith warriors died by my hands, and I have returned with the Jedi they were fighting." Zen said dropping her to the ground.
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