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The crowd heard this, and raucous cheering erupted in their midst. However, Seeker Adeline glared at them harshly, freezing their merriment in mid-shout. If there was one thing she valued in her Pilgrims, it was composure at all times. It never did any good if you were too engrossed in your emotions to focus on the task at hand--even if that task was celebrating your triumph.

The Pilgrims saluted Zen and the Seeker. "Victory! Victory! Victory!"

Seeker Adeline smirked. "Very good. Pilgrim Zen, you, along with your fellow Pilgrim Dominic, are to be honored this evening with a lavish feast. Medals as well, if you wish them." Neither lavish feasts nor medals were common inside the four walls of the Foundation Complex. The Gathering Place was simply a sanctuary. Tonight the Pilgrims would celebrate in the Fellowship Hall.

She turned to the woman that Zen had captured. "What is your name, Jedi?"

"Anna Organ." The blonde woman glowered at Seeker Adeline disgustedly.

The Pilgrims burst into loud laughter--they had never heard such a stupid name, especially for a member of the Jedi Order! This time, the Seeker let them laugh. Let this one be mocked. She'll lose her pride sooner.

"Well, Jedi Organ," Seeker Adeline said, to the tune of more guffaws, "it appears that you have two choices. As a prisoner of the Found--one of the lost--you can either choose to undergo Life through Death, or Gain through Loss." She explained each procedure briefly, and Anna Organ scowled.

"I'd rather die than yield to you," she said. "If I have to starve, then so be it. Jedi can survive far longer than ordinary human beings like yourself without food or water. By then, I'll have figured out a way to escape the Complex."

"We'll see about that," smiled the Seeker. "Pilgrims? Confine this one, now!"

The Jedi had not expected a full-fledged mob to swarm upon her. There was no way she could fight off all of the congregants who made up the Found, and it was not long before she was carried to a damp, icy section of the Foundation Complex. This was a cold-storage chamber, and Anna was shut up in one of the compartments used to hold bantha steaks. Of course, there was no meat in here--only the smell of old, dried blood. Anna shivered. She would meet her death not only of starvation, but of progressive hypothermia.

She suddenly wished she would have chosen to lose her powers.
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