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((Would it be alright if Jolee tried to rescue Anna Organ? If he has to die I'd like his death to be heroic.))

Jolee Bindo was bored.

Today had been an uneventful day. Woke up, supervised the training of the apprentices, drank some Dantooine fire whisky at lunch, told the younglings the stories of Andor Vex and the blind jedi master Hortathor and had concluded the day with a fine supper with a comfortable chair in the mess hall.

Now as he rested in his nice, warm personal quarters he couldn't help but shake the feeling that something was wrong. He thought he could sense someone in distress through the force.

This needs to be investigated. One of the apprentices probably got lost on their way back to the temple after a mission.

Jolee got up out of his bed and sighed as he looked back at it. It looked like he would be getting to bed sometime early in the morning.

He threw on his robes, tossed a bottle of Fire Whisky in his pocket to keep him awake and then left the temple as he began to track the person in distress through the force.
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