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((I originally thought that Jolee frees Anna and then they both die in the fighting and then Alkonium's character reports it to the jedi, but if thats how you want it to go then I'll go with it.))

Jolee knew that he was getting closer as he took a drink from his bottle of whisky. The Coruscant night was cold and the whisky was one of two things keeping him warm, the other being his hooded cloak.

He had been walking for nearly half an hour and could feel the person in question getting closer the more he walked. In fact...he should be able to see the person sending out the distress call now.

But all he could see was a large building up ahead of him. He could sense life from it...but there was so much of it. And yet he could still feel the person in pain.

I don't like whats going on here. Best be cautious.

He sighed as he began looking for a way in.
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