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Hyperspace, en route to Coruscant

Psycho looked over at Perdante and smiled. Perhaps the sith would be able to help him. He'd get to fire all the weapons he wanted and would still be helping the jedi in the process. It was much more interesting than looking for stupid artifacts.

"Very well Perdante, I will teach you what I know," he said shaking her hand.

Gathering Place of the Found, Coruscant

Zen shook his head as the Jedi chose to suffer which was then followed by a grin. It served her right, she and all her other high and mighty Jedi comrades deserved that fate. He looked up at Adeline after the jedi had been taken away.

"My Seeker, I require no medals or rewards for my deeds. Making The Found stronger is my only reward." Zen said being the strong believer he was. "What would you have me do now?"
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