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Gathering Place of the Found, Coruscant

"I would have you celebrate and rest," answered Seeker Adeline. "You have done more than well today. As for tomorrow, I am going to send you on a more...difficult assignment, along with any other Pilgrim who wishes to join you. We cannot hope to destroy the arrogant and self-seeking users of the Force throughout the galaxy if we cannot even do so upon our own planet."

When the Pilgrims all stared blankly, not comprehending, the Seeker sighed.

"The Jedi and Sith are like poisonous, swarming insects who build their 'hives' in certain places. I am intending to send two elite squadrons of Pilgrims on a mission that begins tomorrow. You may feast tonight and be merry, but rest assured that there will be no time for such frivolities when morning comes.

"Squadron one, known as the Apostles, will infiltrate the Jedi Temple here on Coruscant and capture any Jedi they find. Squadron two, or the Crusaders, will be sent to Korriban and Dreshdae to locate and annihilate the Sith."

She folded her hands. "Any questions?" A pause. "Any volunteers, then?"
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