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A disturbance. Ibis was sitting down on the starfighters thick metallic floor, behind the human who was his slave. He was meditating, as Sith Lords do, and he felt something. A disturbance. Something is not correct.

"Tell me what it is", he shouted, "great spirits of the Sith that I may not detain you much longer! What is this disturbance you speak of?!?"

Under normal circumstances, the human who was Ibis's slave would have turned around, and panicked because of his master's actions. But he was not capable of thought until his master gives him leave, and he just sat there, bringing the ship to where it needed to be: near the second failed initiate.

Ah, so fate will not be kind to me today. For my apprentice is now Perdante. Their failure shall not be an important one. Death comes to all who turn away, in the end.

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