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Hyperspace. En route to Coruscant((Just so you know we're getting close to Coruscant now.))

Juhani listened carefully as Psycho listed off the weapons he was good with. Even though she was a jedi she was very impressed. But something was wrong...there was some sort of disturbance in the force.

The closer we get to coruscant the more it seems that someone is sending a distress call out through the force...I'm just not sure who's sending it. We're only a couple of hours from Coruscant, as soon as we get there I plan on investigating this.

She turned to the sith. "Can you sense it? It feels like a force sensative is in trouble on Coruscant."

Outside the building of the Found

It feels like this is the place

Jolee had been walking around the building for a few minutes, trying to find the exact area where the force signiture was coming from.

And now it seemed that he had found it.

Hold on youngster...Jolee is here. He thought as he ignited his lightsaber and began cutting through the wall. He had no idea how long it would take but he was determined to get through to the trapped apprentice.
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