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Dominic grudgingly stepped aside as Zen made his report, his jaw tightening slightly, his fists clenching. Thankfully, the chain link masked the white knuckles that lay beneath.

This was just perfect! Not only did he fail in his attempt to apprehend the Jedi and kill the Sith that was with her - she had been wounded, for Creator's sake! - but now Zen made his appearance, proclaiming his overwhelming success at doing just that. Yes, he successfully blew the Jedi Enclave to Kingdom Come, but that seemed like minuscule work compared to what Zen was talking about. And he resented him for it.

But he stood aside respectfully, nevertheless.

The pilgrim listened to the proceedings in silence, folding his hands behind his back in military fashion, his eyes on the ground. He wasn't in the mood for a party and he didn't have the patience for being the center of attention, so his mind was elsewhere as others rejoiced. Perhaps that was the reason why he was the first to notice the absence of the fans.

He looked up at the ceiling's vents, frowning as the ever-present hum of the blades faded, along with the pleasant stir of the air. He set his right hand on the hilt of his vibrosword as he drew his attention back down to the dais. The fans had never stopped working before...
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