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((Actually, Chevron 7 locke, I like your idea better. Let's roll with it! ))

Hyperspace, in the very near vicinity of Coruscant

The former Sith Initiate listened closely. "I can hear nothing," she said sadly, "except the endless hum of life and chaos upon the planet. Coruscant is one ultra-massive city, and it's hard for me to pinpoint single messages through the Force when there are so many beings 'jamming the signal'."

She winked at Psycho. "Then our training shall begin. Thank you immensely!"

Gathering Place of the Found, Coruscant, Cold-Storage Area

Jedi were not supposed to panic. Anna Organ knew this, and she also knew to try and recite the Jedi Code whenever feelings of sheer terror came upon her: There is no emotion; there is peace. However, it didn't work. She knew that someone was coming to rescue her, from the sounds outside the door to the walk-in freezer in which she was imprisoned. Thus, she shrieked:

"Is someone out there? Help me! My name is Anna Organ, I'm a Jedi Knight, and I've been condemned to freeze to death! Can anyone hear me? Help!"

She pounded both of her fists upon the door, gnashing her teeth with the effort. Kicking as well, Anna was expending all of her power on opening it...
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