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The starfighter now neared Coruscant, and consequently, the two ships that were the prey of Ibis. One bore an apprentice that was failed from the start, blighted by ignorance and pride. The Iridonian they call Goran Tex.

The other... was supposed to be Ibis's greatest success, and has now become his greatest failure. Gagnante, now Perdante. Victorious, now Defeated.

"No longer", he said aloud. No longer will these fools plague the galaxy with their ignoble presence.

The starfighter went closer to the ship that had Perdante, and Ibis looked on. "Fire at their engines. They shall not move from that spot!"

Ibis's slave nodded. "I hear master, and I obey." And with that, a salvo of fire was launched upon the engines of the unsuspecting ship.

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