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((Hey if were going with Chev's idea would it be alright if Zen finished the fight he started with Anna?))


Psycho was about to say something to Perdante when he felt the ship get hit by blaster fire.

"Go up to the gun turrents and return fire. Try to disable them."

Psycho grinned at his first assignment.

"With pleasure," he said making his way to the gun turrets.

Psycho hopped into the seat of the gun turret and looked at the ship that was firing upon them. He cracked his neck and put his hands on the controls. He began unloading turret fire on the enemy ship.

Gathering Place of the Found, Coruscant

Zen nodded his head and stood up when Adeline finished speaking. Was he going to take out the Jedi or Sith, or did she have another mission in mind for him. Either way she was right, Zen should relax for now. He looked around at his fellow pilgrims and smiled. They were his family now, his brothers and sisters. He looked over to Dominic who was not going the others in the festivities. Curious he walked over to him wondering why he did not wish to celebrate his victory.

"Dominic, you look as if you've spent the night with a Gamorrean female. Does something trouble you my brother?" Zen asked. Brother...a word he had not used in a long time.
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