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Gathering Place of the Found, Coruscant

Jedi Knight Anna Organ practically threw her arms around Jolee Bindo and Garren Shain in a gigantic group hug. "Oh, thank the Force you're here!" she cried. "I was afraid no one else was going to see me, or sense me, or help--"

"Help?" asked a cold female voice. "It seems all three of you are beyond it."

Before any of them could react, a figure clad in black leather, wielding a double-bladed vibrosword, spun around and kicked Anna in the face. Her nose broke. She tumbled backward onto the hard floor of the freezer. Anna's skull gave a sickening crack, providing her with an instant concussion.

The assailant, in the blink of an eye, then decapitated Jolee Bindo.

Blood spurted everywhere, freezing where it hit ice. Anna groaned, with tears pouring hotly down her face. She recognized the figure at once and bawled.

"Save your weeping," sneered Seeker Adeline. "You've made your choice already."

She placed her foot on Anna Organ's face and began to press down hard.

"This, and nothing else, is what we're after, weakling Jedi," the Seeker announced. "An iron heel stamping on a Force user's face...forever."
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