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((Alkonium, could you bring Jolee's body and head back to the Temple?))

Hyperpspace, en route to Coruscant

Juhani was piloting the Blade, but as she did a sudden pain ripped through her body and she screamed in pain and horror because she knew what had just happened.

Somone close to her had just died. She didn't know who it was or how it had happened but she knew that someone close to her had just died violently.

I...I need to talk to Jolee when I get back.

Another round of blaster fire nearly hit the ship and Juhani quickly stopped the ship just in time to see a small ship go past.((That's not you Betrayer.))

Another dark-sider. I don't have time for this. We need to reach Coruscant as quickly as possible.

Juhani quickly locked on with one of the ship's few missles and the fired on it and watched as it blew up after only one hit.

It must not have had shields. she thought.

She opened up comn channel to the turrent station. "Psycho! Will you please get whoever that is off our back! I'm running out of manuvers!"
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