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Aboard the Ebon Blade, in the near vicinity of Coruscant

"I have one," snarled Perdante, furious at the ship that was firing upon the Ebon Blade. It was piloted by her very own Master--she could sense his void-black aura through the Force. With a great strength of will, she sent a distracting wave of pain and rage directly into the path of the enemy ship, and the figure's brain. Unfortunately for the redeemed Sith Initiate, this meant she had also opened up a doorway into her own mind through which he could pass and give orders. Unless she was strong, she'd have to obey.

Did the figure know that? Did he sense that he now had that power over her?

Perdante believed that her distraction would prove victorious--which it was. Her Master's vessel banked sharply to the left, spinning off into space and rolling uncontrollably. She gave a cry of triumph, then glanced at the Cathar.

"Juhani?!" she cried. "What's wrong? You look like you're in terrible pain!"
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