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Animation Fixes By Imptacular

This tutorial was created by Imptacular not by me.

Link to Imptacular's profile

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This is the software I used.

KotOR Tool
NWMax plugin -- this is required for GMax to work properly.

KSE is helpful for loading and testing the models.

This will work with any models from KOTOR or TSL that have an S_[gender] designator in their animation value on their Aurora Base. NULL animations won't work with this.

Source Model - Your partially animated model. Must have an S_[Gender] animation root.
Target Model - Your fully animated model. Should have an S_Female animation root. Wookie Root could work, too, I think.

1) Use KOTOR Tools to extract the MDL, MDX, and TGA files for the two models you want to use. Store these files into seperate directories and make backups of both directories for safekeeping.

2) Use MDLOps on the MDL files for your Source and Target models -- make sure you pick the correct game designation from the MDLOps GUI. This will generate *-ascii.mdl files for your two bases.

3) Load up gmax with your nwmax launcher. From the nwmax toolbar, select set environ from the genral utils tab. Now open the MDL Loading tab from the nwmax toolbar. Select import geom only, browse to your source model's *-ascii.mdl file, and import it.

4) Load up a second gmax instance, follow the instructions is 3), but load your target model's *-ascii.mdl file.

5) On your target model, select the Aurora Base (this is the square at the model's feet). Now click the modify button on the righthand sidebar. At the bottom, you'll see MDL Base Parameters. Write down the text in the Super field.

6) On your target model, select the following dummy nodes:

Invert your selection list to that everything else is now highlighted and delete them. Save your file as whatever you wish to call it (perhaps dummies?).

7) Maximize your Source Model's GMax instance. Select its Aurora base and click modify. Change its Super to match the target model's.

8) Select Merge from your file menu and merge the dummies file. Adjust the dummies nodes to be in the same relative position they were before -- about head height or waist height as they were on their target model.

9) Link all of these merged dummies to your source model's Aurora Base. The link command is in the toolbar running across the top.

10) Select your Aurora Base and click Modify. Below the Super field is an export command. Browse to a location you want to export (do not export into the Source Model's directory). Click Export Geom Only. You should be done with GMax.

11) Navigate to your exported model and rename it *-ascii.mdl

12) Navigate to your Target Model's directory and copy its MDL and MDX files (but not the *-ascii.mdl file). Paste them into a fresh directory.

13) Copy your exported *-ascii.mdl model into the fresh directory. Rename the Target Model's MDL and MDX files to match (ie. P_Hanharr.mdl to n_yoda.mdl).

14) Copy the Source Model's *.TGA texture into the fresh directory.

15) Launch MDLOps, navigate to your fresh directory, and select your *-ascii.mdl file there. Make sure you choose the right filetype -- Kotor 1 or TSL. Click Read and Write.

16) The above should've generated a *-K1/2-bin MDL and MDX file. Take these and the TGA texture file and copy them into another directory. Remove the k1/2-bin section from the filenames.

17) You should now have a new working model and its TGA texture. Take these files and copy them into your Override directory. Use KSE to change your character's appearance to the model you've made.

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