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Originally Posted by Aeroniero View Post
I've followed the steps above that were, haven't read the entire thread but my game just seems to crash without any apparent reason, when I create my character and press play, it crashes a bit before halfway, it's just instant a white box comes stopped working and then boom.
Might it be that my peragus file is corrupted or something since it works fine just before it starts to load the very game.

Does anyone have a similar problem?

Windows 7 Home Premium x64
4 GB ram
GeForce gtx285

I am having similar problems too. I followed the instructions listed in the first & second posts very carefully, but I am still having the "KOTOR II has stopped working" crash, right after I start my first character. Generally it gets past the first loading screen after I'm done creating my Jedi, then it crashes.

My specs are similar as well:
Windows Home Premium x64
i3 Intel processor
Intel HD graphics (I believe that's what it's called? Could also be "Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD" -- I'm getting conflicting info between the online specs and what my laptop itself actually calls it. :P)

Managed to run KOTOR 1 just fine, after I turned the grass off. (Graphics weren't the best, but hey, portable KOTOR!) Could anyone help me with this?

EDIT: Hey, I got it working! After switching back to my original .EXE instead of the SecuROM one (I figured -- I've always gotten KOTOR 2 to work without the SecuROM exe, so why not,) I gave it another go.
This time I realized that it doesn't actually crash right after the first loading screen. It crashes when I reflexively try to click past the opening crawl. Anyway, I sat patiently through it instead of clicking this time, and actually managed to get into the game!
So it seems I don't have a problem after all. (Other than sheer impatience.) I'm not sure why skipping a movie (though it is a long-ish movie) would cause my game to crash, but I guess I'll be going carefully from now on...
Thanks anyway, guys. No doubt I'd be having worse problems if I hadn't followed your instructions from the start.

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