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Disagreed. Mara Jade really had no place in df2, and the siege on altyr v had nothing to do with df2's story, same counts for other levels. Although you could say a story was created to fit the maps, I'm not sure of the order in which that happened.

I'd be the first to admit the storyline is bad and too many things are left unexplained. E.g. where did kyle get the info on dromund kaas? why is the base getting attacked? etc. Besides, some levels are just really random, making the player wait till kyle goes to kaas and gets corrupted, but I honestly found some maps to be really enjoyable, and not ' junk' at all. Admittedly, they need a crapload of work since there are a lot of things bad and missing. Take stuff like wrong textures on walls (it happens!), that is a sign of being rushed more than being left over levels, but I really believe that some ideas were good and original (same for some new MP levels) and with some creativity, they can become really great. Especially the first four and the last three levels. Take level one for example. The idea of a imperial siege on a rebel base from an asteroid is original, but the base itself is empty-ish except for some control panels, boxes and an a-wing. That is something I only recently realized when making it, and I've currently assigned every room a function which would help give the map more purpose. Once this is done, it could really get good imho.
Especially if a solution can be found for making some kind of related story between those levels instead of some random in between adventures.

Finally, the expansion introduced stuff like saber throw and some other new powers, the player can choose powers from both light AND dark side, and it introduced capture the ysalamiri+was original in adding character play instead of just jedi with guns and force to multiplayer. It was a bit like mb2 in that direction.

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