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((Alrighty, can finally get this thread up. If you've posted in the Casting Call, then post here.))

Port Royal, Jamaica

Captain Alvaro Dias walked through the streets of Port Royal at night. Lights from houses shown down onto the street, providing some light, but it was still almost pitch-black. Even at night, the port was rather unruly, with cutthroats and thugs mugging various denizens, among other things.

I suppose that's what happens when you make a city a haven for pirates, Dias thought, walking towards a brightly lit tavern. He had asked various pirates of different nationalities to meet him at this particular tavern - The Black Anchor - partly because he needed a crew, and partly because, while he didn't like to admit it, find a very valuble piece of treasure. Alvaro took a seat at a table, all the while trying to avoid some of the few patrons and drunkards that remained, for fear of causing trouble. Nevertheless, he still loaded his pistol, just in case.

The letters I sent mentioned they should meet me here, Alvaro thought. And I did praise their abilities, so hopefully they should come in soon.

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