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Jedi Temple, Coruscant

Being as "zonked out", or unconscious, as she was, Perdante did not hear her master scream in her head. Blackness was all that enveloped her mind...

Perhaps that was for the better, however, with the two autopsies going on.

Gathering Place of the Found, Gymnasium/Training Room

"Move it, you maggots! Faster! Faster, by the Force! MOVE!"

Seeker Adeline had a hunch. She called it "intuition", but Force or no Force, she'd had a sudden sense that there would soon be an impending attack upon the Gathering Place of the Found. The Jedi would surely be wanting revenge for the murders of Anna Organ and the other old fool, even though they didn't call it "revenge". They called it "justice", but Adeline was wise enough to know that revenge was only an intensified and heightened desire for justice. The Jedi could call it what they wanted, but they'd never get it.

When you attacked a holy place, full of holy people, then the Creator would make you pay. The Force was His gift to the world, and the world had misused it. Instead of humbly submitting to it and letting it guide their destinies, the world had wielded it as a weapon--and a tool for cutting and shaping. Molding. No more. The Force was meant to guide, and not to be guided. Meant to mold, not to be molded. The world would soon learn that.

"Move, I said! Do you want my droids to shoot you? They will."

She meant it, too. As soon as she'd shouted these words, three men fell behind in the retinue of sprinting runners, and three headshots were fired.

Seeker Adeline inhaled the scent of smoking flesh. Culling the herd...

((Hey--anyone interested in participating in a sequel to this RP after we finish? PM me))

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