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((Can someone give me a recap, please? And if I'm doing this post wrong, please forgive me. Sorry I took long to post. College, parents, life... yeah.))

Melaney Garzo was in a cantina of the Underworld of Coruscant. There was no place like a good break from the Jedi Temple and missions than to hang out in the old cantina with old friends.

"Okay, Garzo. C'mon. Tell us, already!" a female Bothan named Sarea said. A male Bith named Tol and a male Human named Geri stood beside Melany as well, who sat at a stool by the bar counter, drinking her blue milk.

The young goth Jedi apprentice sighed with a calm smile. "Fine. I came back because of all the hectic stuff goin' on at the Jedi Temple. Plus, my master can't find me here no how." She sighed, putting the empty glass down next to her. "Why'd I join the Jedi? I could've stayed with you guys."

"And get into things!" Tol said with a smile. Sarea and Geri agreed. Melany smiled sadly, wondering what was going on with her fellow Jedi...
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