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"What do you mean, you won't take them?" Arai demanded, scowling at the Weequay across from her. "She stabbed a finger in his direction. "No. You pay attention, boy. You gave me a job. You paid me half up front. You are going to pay me the other half, and you're going to take two dead bodies off my hands."

The Weequay squirmed. "It complicated."

She glared. "Then make it simple."

"My employer no want," he squeaked. "Too much... eyes watching. Always seeing. We take and they know. They know we order hit."

"Open your eyes, genius," Arai hissed. "They'll know anyway. Get a good slicer, every order can be traced."

The Weequay squealed. "It different!"

"Take them," Arai said, "or I'll make sure you and your employer experience more pain than you've ever known."

"We give money!" the Weequay protested, shoving a credit chip across the table. "Just dump them, okay?"

Arai fingered the chip for a moment. Then her eyes narrowed. "Get out."

The Weequay needed no further urging, bolting for the door almost before she'd finished. Slowly, Arai raised her right hand to her forehead and massaged. This was a headache she was not looking forward to dealing with. How to dump the bodies of two criminal masterminds without arousing suspicion or drawing attention to herself?

"Joy," she murmured, bringing her left hand up to join her right in massaging her head. Then from between her fingers, she caught sight of a vaguely familiar face. Her hands dropped and she looked closer.

"Dom," she murmured. Then, louder to catch his attention, breaking into a grin. "Dom! Dominic Travesty!" She waved him over, wondering briefly if he would remember her. "My goodness, it's been ages since I saw you last."

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