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Dominic looked up at the call of the alien bartender, and nodded curtly, coming to stand in front of the counter. "One Juma, on the rocks." he answered, tapping his fingers lightly on the bar top. He didn't look around; he was too busy watching the holonet feed that was playing on mute above the barkeep's head. It looked as if the Jedi had lost a few today...including the girl that managed to escape them earlier that day. Although, it didn't look as though the escape did her a whole lot of good.

It wasn't her that they were focusing on, despite how tragic a young girl's death was. Apparently, that particular tragedy was eclipsed by the loss of a Jedi master, an old grouch of a man named Jolee Bindo. So maybe he was a master...but the girl was an innocent victim, dead because the Jedi took her from her family and forced her into their little nest of corruption. Had she been allowed to grow up as an average girl, without the abnormality of the Force in her life...?

His train of thought was cut off when a voice called his name. The Juma had been sitting in front of him for about a minute now, unnoticed and untouched, and his hand wrapped around it automatically as he looked over his shoulder to find the source of the call. It took him a moment, but his eyes finally lighted upon a woman that was unquestionably looking at him, a smile on her face. He frowned. Did he--

Yes, he did know her, he realized. Picking up his glass, he crossed the bar to her, the faintest of smiles on his lips as he took the seat across the table from her. "It has been," he assented with a nod. "How've you been doing, Arai?"

Dominic couldn't quite decide if he was happy to see her or not. She was a friend of his; that was no question. But she was a friend from a different time of his life - a time he wasn't too keen on remembering.
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