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Meta was going to work all throughout the night. This was not out of any sort of particular anxiety about the next day's events or a need to get things ready, but because Meta simply liked to keep busy and building. He liked to build mechs, weapons, tools, etc. Sometimes he would just will his hands to work and the next moment it would be a few hours later and there would be come machination in front of him. Tonight however, Meta was aware. He was aware that this would most likely be the last opportune moment to wipe out the Found. If this attack didn't succeed, then it would probably take years to hunt down the remnants of the cult. While Meta had the patience to do this, the Republic brass did not. When things hit the fan, he needed to make sure that the Found were the ones with the broken back at his feet. Whether or not there would be mercy depended entirely and the plausibility of rehabilitation. If they were unworkable, then they would already be dead. Those who were not would be in prison, or at least go to trial.

Thus, Meta needed to build something to help take out the Found, and what better weapon to use against them than their own? The main likelihood would be that the Found would be ready for the attack, and that meant that they would expect the Jedi to retaliate. That meant that they would all have the mineral, that Meta couldn't remember the name of, equipped for battle and thus perfect targets. He merely needed to build a weapon that would home in on the mineral, much like a heat-seeking missile homes in on heat. He got the homing part down rather quickly and had already equipped it to his plasma repeater. His only problem, like every other situation, was finding a test subject.

“No way.” the Jedi mechanic told Meta, crossing his arms.

“But what about the selfless Jedi who sacrifices himself to stop evil?”

“Why can't you just use a droid?”

“Because the test subject needs to replicate the abilities of a highly-trained Found member, and I don't have time to build an android. I can't adjust the homing with just a droid, for all I know the gun would blow up and I would have to build another.”

“Well- wait, you can built androids?”

“Yes actually. The make good friends.”

“Cool, but I'm still not doing it.”

“I've got the gun set on stun!”

“You can't set plasma to stun! That's like setting a lightsaber to stun! You said yourself, the plasma would break apart on meeting a lightsaber and just kill the Jedi anyway with a spray!” the mechanic shouted before calming down and repeating the Jedi code to himself.

It was going to be a long night.
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