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(and since I couldn't help but bring at least an alternate version of her in...)

However, at that point, Garren received a call on his portable communicator. He activated it, and a small hologram of a blue Twi'lek woman appeared on it. "You called?" She asked him. "Hello dear." Garren replied casually. "Space it, Garren. You cheated on me with with Adon Rha!" The Twi'lek rebuked. "Now Niera, like I said before, I only did it so I could steal the UMBRA device, and if you were his type, it would have been you and not me. And honestly, that was just business. Now, you and I, that's love." Garren explained. "You're right, I can't stay mad at you. You need my help, I take it?" Niera calmed down slightly. "Yes, come to the Jedi Temple, we're going after the Found, and the more non-Force Sensitives on our side, the better. I'll see you when you get here." Garren elaborated, switching off the comm.

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