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((Man, everbody's going too fast with their posts. Could you guys slow down a little? Please? ))

"Knight Garzo? This is your Master, Yakhta Gara. This is an urgent communique--we hear, through our confidential channels, that there is going to be a Jedi attack upon the former Czerka Logistics Complex, now known as the Gathering Place of the Found. A cult resides there, known as the Found, as you can guess by the new name of the building. I want you to serve as a lookout. However, wait until you hear from me that the attack has been cleared by the Republic."

Melany, sarcastic as she was, sighed. She took out her comlink, and replied, "Sure, Master Gara. I'll wait. Thanks." When she put her comlink away, she smiled at her three friends. "Let's make trouble."

"Yeah!" the trio said. And with that, they went out the bar, starting trouble. Getting into fights with a gang, messing with people's minds (Jedi mind trick), you name it. And the most beauty of it... getting chased by Coruscant's cops.
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