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Jedi Temple, Coruscant

Perdante's face had suddenly turned as red as a Sith's lightsaber. "I'm afraid that if we ask for the Republic's assistance in this matter, the Seeker won't be the only one demanding my unconditional surrender." She sighed. "Before Juhani showed me the way back to the Light, I was a Sith Initiate. I know this, and so do most Republic officers. As a part of my training, I was sent to Tatooine to spy upon a secret meeting and kill everyone there. There were only three, but they were pretty top brass. I used the Force, ever so slowly, to drain the oxygen from the room and into my lungs. Officially, it was ruled an accident--a malfunctioning of the ventilation systems. I know better. I'm a murderess."

She wiped away fresh tears. "I'm a wanted criminal by the Republic, a Sith. If we proceed with the attack now and let me be the sacrifice and distraction for the Seeker, perhaps I will have died a hero and redeemed myself at last..."
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