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"Hey, guys--what's happening to Jolee Bindo's body?"

Juhani looked down at the body just as it vanished. She sighed. "His body is becoming one with the force."

A tear came to one of her eyes at the thought that she would never be able to talk to her friend again. "Farewell old friend...may we meet again in the next life."

"I'm a wanted criminal by the Republic, a Sith. If we proceed with the attack now and let me be the sacrifice and distraction for the Seeker, perhaps I will have died a hero and redeemed myself at last..."

Juhani looked up at her and shook her head firmly. "I'm sorry Perdante, but I am not going to let you die. Not after all the trouble I went through to bring you back from the darkside."

"Only three? Let's see what I did on Tatooine. Six muggings, four thefts, one hostage situation, and over one hundred murders. If they gave me another chance to redeem myself than they will most certainly will for you. Everyone deserves a second chance no matter how wicked."

"Pyscho is right. Both of you deserve second chances, no matter what you did."
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