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Darasuum's storyline

Chapter 1: Blaze

37 year old Edward "Blaze" Sharpe strolled through the streets of Isla Mona by himself. Blaze was not only one of the the most feared pirates on the Spanish Main, but also the head of a large pirate "Empire", the Libertine (pronounced lie-bart-eene) Republic. Just eighteen years ago, he had restored his father Nicolas' life's work by reforming the republic. He had quite a few towns under his control such as Isla Mona, La Vega, El Buccaneero, Nassau, Rat's Nest, and was working on trying to get the English town of Port Royale, Jamaica under his control as well. Mona had the worst reputation in the archipelago as two thirds of it's buildings were either taverns or houses of sin. Blaze was returning from Pirate Congress and almost collided with his half-brother Jack. "Hey, watch where your go....oh, hey Jack, didn't see ya there."

"It's all right, how was the meeting? The captains gettin' along these days?"

"Not as good as they used too I'm afraid. I remember that sixteen years ago they were all filled with ambition and courage to take on the nations, but now I think that they are tired of their responsibility."

"What of you? Are you tired of this, it's been going on for a long time!"

"I am, I feel that this life may have been going on far too long already. A wise man once said 'A short life but a merry one' and my days as a pirate may be coming to a close."

"Blaze, what do you mean tired of your current life? You are the most infamous man in he Caribbean, have mountains of gold, men willing to die for you, a beautiful woman who loves you, others who wish to be her, and two wonderful children! What more would one want?"

"Jack, I'm retiring, I will be leaving this very night, I made my decision. After having the governor of Jamaica sign Port Royale over to us, I'm taking the Quicksilver and making for the east with only the essentials."

Jack was speechless, his brother was leaving, after all these years! He opened his mouth to speak, then he caught himself and closed it. With a sneer on his face he turned and left in the direction of his apartment. Once Edward returned to his house, a huge converted Church in the center of town, he was stopped by his wife, Anna.

"Ah, darling, where have you been?"

"Pirate Congress, you know that."

"You said you would be back by ten on the clock. It is quarter to two. Where have you been?"

"They were arguing again, it took six hours just to answer one simple question, under which captain should the jurisdiction of Port Royale be extended."

"I see, now I'm exhausted, i've been up all this time waiting for you, should we not go to sleep now?"

"I'm afraid I won't be getting any sleep tonight my love, something has been troubling me."

"What is it?"

"When I am through, who shall take my place?"

"Why, one of your children of course!"

"I don't know about that, Nick is not leader material. He has the potential to be a great fighter or captain but not a leader. And Jane, she is not very bright. She is a beautiful child, don't get me wrong, but she is much too sensitive and not very smart."

"What of one of your siblings?"

"I don't know, I still have some work to do, go upstairs and I'll follow later. I don't want to keep you from much needed rest." With that, Anna smiled and yawned just before she trudged upstairs into the master bedroom. After Edward finished signing some document and decrees, he practiced some of his fencing and read a book. He tried to get some sleep, but his mind was full, he was leaving for Port Royale this very night. He walked along the road in the direction of his sister Beatrice's house. When he opened the door, she wasn't there. He sighed to himself and decided to see his other sister Bonnie when he heard the door open next door, it was beatrice coming out of the door. Beatrice was an extremely beautiful woman, even at 32, she had skin the colour of sand and a very warm smile. She was the only family Blaze had aside from his brother Jack and twin named Bonnie. She had fiery red hair tied into two ponytails and wore trousers like a man and a large shall to cover her chest because of the hot weather. She was an honest woman who always told the truth, and a better leader than
Blaze himself. She had grey eyes and seemed to be wooed by every unmarried man in town. He could only guess why she was coming out of that man's house this late at night.

"Blaze, what are you doing here?"

"I can't sleep and I have something to tell you. Can you go and tell Jack to meet me at Bonnie's house?"

"Sure, I'll see ya in a bit." With that, Beatrice jogged down the road toward their brother's house. Bonnie was the closest sibling to Blaze, not only because they were twins, but also because they had the most in common. She was about two hours younger than Blaze. After he was born their mother died and they were separated. He went to live with his father who died six years later. Bonnie went to live with his brother, Emanuel. Beatrice was born while Nicolas was having an affair with the governor of La Florida's wife. And Jack, no one really knows how he came about. The most probable is that he and Beatrice had the same mother. There is room for a lot of speculation on this subject though. Bonnie's husband was recently killed on a raid and she was forced to raise her daughter, Elizabeth, by herself. She had a lot of suiters wishing to marry into Blaze's family, but she was still loyal to her dead husband and turned them all down. She was a very moral woman and had red hair similar to that of Beatrice, only darker. Just then, Beatrice and Jack walked in. They talked for only an hour until it was decided.

"Bonnie, I have decided to put you in charge of Isla Mona until I return and can pick a suitable heir for myself."

"Wait, can't you pick someone else like Beatrice? She can do a much better job than I can!"

"Yeah, why don't you pick me?" Beatrice asked.

"Because I trust you the most! I will also need you to tell my family that I will be gone for a while, but I will return to say goodbye. Well....maybe you can leave out that last part."

"Ok, I'll try to do my best."

"My flagship, Kraken, is waiting at the docks, I have some business to take care of. I'll see you in a few days." And with that, he was off.

To be Continued.................

(PS, this chapter I just wrote takes place ten days before your posts, when I go to Port Royale, I will meet you in the tavern)

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