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Meta watched as the once relatively empty workshop began to fill up with people quick;y and preparations were made to to attack the Found. He actually found it it kind of funny that one moment he'd be minding his own business and the next there would be a congregation around him, like someone had hit the 'Meet Here' switch. On the other hand, it was also slightly annoying because the workshop could only hold so many people and things were starting to get crowded. How was Meta supposed to finish and test his weapon with all of these people in the way? What annoyed him a bit further was the idea that they assault on the Found would require the Republic's approval. Meta was given charge of saving Jedi. Meta was the Republic in this case, though he was willing to wait until an official source responded to their request. Besides, it wasn't like he'd exactly elaborated on his position or even what species he was.

“Yeah, while I sympathize with what you probably feel, I say that the pity party is now officially over. The past is gone and there's nothing to be done, so suck up the tears and make sure you're ready for tomorrow. You won't be so heroic if you're crying your eyes out during the attack.” Meta ordered, stepping in the middle of the group. He picked the piece of bone from right from Psycho's fingers and said “I need to take to scan this, look over the information that our Rep-man just gave us, and get my weapon in working order. Unless anyone wants to be test subject for a tracking plasma weapon, then I'm going to ask you all to get out and get some sleep, or do whatever you have to do. We'll attack at dawn, though if you hear a big explosion from this workshop, then know that it'll be pushed back to noon.”

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