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Originally Posted by Lone Master View Post
hello i wanna play kotor 2 on vista and i have done all this stuff, but when i try playing it i either; at the star when i press 'game' get this warning saying something like 'the instruction at 0x00000 referenced 0x000000 memory ' i sometimes get it when i make a character too. please help me i have googled this problem but can't find a solution anywhere.

i would put my specs but i don't think thats the problem
You might not think they are... but it wouldn't hurt to post them?

You may have some bad ram... or a bad sector in your HDD. Memory reference errors in my experience are rarely software related.

Please post your specs, and the exact error message you receive, complete with all of the numbers and letters in the 0x0000... Then we will be better informed to help!


Originally Posted by Taskusorsa
I bought KoTOR from Steam. But after a few minutes of playing my computer just shut down.

Then I updated my graphics card drivers. Now when I try to play the game it just gives this nasty error message saying: "NVIDIA display driver files from different (incompatible) versions of the driver have been detected.

NVIDIA OpenGL acceleration is disabled in order to maintain system stability.

To resolve this problem, update the Nvidia display driver. The latest driver is available at"

swconfig gives the same error message.

Any help?
You will probably first want to do a clean install of your nvidia drivers... which means you will need to wipe every instance of them from your system. There are uninstallers that will help, cCleaner for one, and IIRC nVidia has a tool for you to clean up before a fresh driver install.

Odd situation, not one I have seen before, and Q may have more for you on this than I do ATM.

It wouldn't hurt to post your specs!

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