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"Juhani? Thank you for showing me the way back to the Light."

Juhani bowed and then raised her head and smiled at her. "It was not a problem at all. I'm sure that if our positions were reversed you would have done the same thing."

Juhani turned to head toward her quarters but as she walked away a faint blue light appeared in front of her. That blue light took on the shape of a man...a man with a bald head and kind old eyes.

"Well hello there youngsters!"

"Jolee!" Juhani cried happily as she started to try and embrace him in hug only to realize a few seconds before she did that he didn't really have a physical body anymore.

" this is the young one that you managed to bring back from the darkside." Jolee said giving Perdante a look over. "Congratulations on joining the jedi youngster."

Jolee turned to Juhani and smiled. "I came here to talk to you...Especally you two." He said to Perdante and Juhani, shaking a finger at the two of them. " need to let go of the anger you feel toward my killer. I don't want you going after my killer to take revenge. If your going to go after her then I want you to stop her for the sake of everyone."

"Why? She killed you Jolee! She took your life before I could even say goodbye to you! She deserves to die for what she did to you!" Juhani's voice shook with rage and hatred. "I vowed that I would kill her for you!"

"I don't want that Juhani. I want you to live out your life free of hatred and anger. I don't want you to even come close to falling to the darkside. You and I...well just you really, carry the knowledge and memories of our time with Revan. Promise me Juhani...that you'll let go of your hatred."

Juhani's voice was quiet. "Anything for you Jolee...I promise that I will not let my anger get the better of me when the time comes."

"Thats a good lass. Now...I'd like to talk to your former sith friend in private if you don't mind." Jolee said as he motioned Perdante to come over and talk to him.
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