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Originally Posted by Te Darasuum Mandalor View Post
Which brings us to another portion of my reports.

Who is the Sith Emperor? Here are some theories.

He is one of the Ancient Sith such as Ajunta Pal or Naga Sadow. Whoever he is, disappeared into the outer regions to raise an army.
About that time period but he is some other one of the original sith lords that got away.

It is a mantle passed down from generation to generation
Possibly...but I thought he had lived all this time?

Darth Krayt was the last true Sith, maybe he is the Sith Emperor and decided that he would be the last one to try and attempt to conquer
I think I'll just leave it to HDvader's post above. Wookieepedia page.

Darth Nihilus could be him, and he disapeared on the deck of his ship and was transported back to Drommund Kaas
I can't really say. Evidence would suggest not. While I'll admit much is unknown about him, his limitations are fairly clear at this point. I actually think his power was linked to the Exile through the force like he was feeding off an exploit of the "wound" that was connected with her own power. When he tried to absorb her power it was like the power drained out of him instead. While his power may have rivaled that of the ancient sith, he did not control it but rather it controlled him.

(Or maybe Nihilus is like the Eye of Sauron, and is not a physical form, but instead the eyes and ears of the emperor)
Maybe, but I don't think so. See, in lore of magic and stuff like that, there have been sorcerers that similarly had lost their physical form due to their overuse of magic. So Nihilus' concept is actually based off of something fairly common in RP and magic or fantasy lore.

One who knew how to look for such things would say he is a growing shadow or silhouette of death when looking at him through the force, continuously consuming more and more of it. That's pretty much all there is out there on him. We could speculate all day but it would go nowhere.
So based off what we're given, it'd be pretty much impossible to see anything through him or with him by using him that way.

(Or, he could very well be a being similar to the thought bomb, a living creature in human form representing all the lost souls killed by the mass shaddow generator on Malachor)
That's an interesting theory. Like all that death, torment, and agony whipped and spun into shape, and one "nobody" man who physically survived it ended up becoming one with that atrocity through the force. This one possibly could work, just my opinion.

(He could very well be a simple bum in a mask)
That's the indication thus far which I am afraid we're stuck with.

Lastly, the Sith Emperor could be.........The Sith Emperor! A puppet master whose name is not known.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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