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"Five enemy battle suit's incoming. The fifth battle suit has a strange energy signiture and seems to be more heavily armed then the others. Be cautious."

"We'll have to ignore them for now," Zhao said, realizing that this strategy added an unneccesary risk. "We have to get into the fort quickly now, and we can't get distracted. Also, I'm going to to use my jetpack to get to the fort immediately. We really have to step on it."

Zhao activated his jetpack's thrusters and flew forward past Katsu and Xavier. He realized what he was doing could come off as arrogance - as it often did to his previous commanders - and was probably not exactly smart, but he believed he was being as logical as one possibly could under the given circumstances. He soon came up to the fort wall. He could still see Katsu's and Xavier's mechs behind him, albeit as vaguely shaped silouhettes.

Zhao took out a high explosive bomb, armed it, and then threw it, just before the enmy started firing at him.

"[Eat this, bast***s!]" Zhao yelled out in Mandarin as he threw his bomb, hoping to add a fear factor to his currently one man assault, and possibly cause a little confusion. Though he preferred his Taiwanese dialect, learning Mandarin was pretty much mandatory for anyone who lived near China, and that included Taiwan.

The bomb Zhao threw caused a huge, brilliant explosion - big enough he was sure every one of his comrades could see it. When the smoke cleared, a huge chunk of the wall was gone, with rubble in its place. Zhao then took out his assault rifle and began laying down suppressing fire, waiting for Xavier and Katsu to catch up.

"I can't keep this up forever. Hurry guys," he thought to himself.

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