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"We have to get into the fort quickly now, and we can't get distracted. Also, I'm going to to use my jetpack to get to the fort immediately. We really have to step on it."

He's right. But the power readings on that one battle suit are nearly off the scale. If that thing managed to catch up with us we're going to be in trouble.

"Your right of course. We should get the fort as soon as possible."

Katsu shifted his battle suit so that it faced forward and ran after Zhao, making sure to keep an eye on the one battle suit that had the high power readings.

He could see Zhao's battle suit up ahead.

Targeting Jericho missle...Target aquired and firing.

One of the jericho missles launched from his battle suit and flew directly past Zhao's battle suit and slammed into one of the enemy battle suits which then exploded.
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