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"We'll have to ignore them for now," Zhao said, realizing that this strategy added an unneccesary risk. "We have to get into the fort quickly now, and we can't get distracted. Also, I'm going to to use my jetpack to get to the fort immediately. We really have to step on it."

Xavier started to follow Zhao and Katsu when he suddenly got a "brilliant" idea. He spotted one of the five battle suits scouting ahead of the others. Xavier charged the battle suit and kicked the head clean off. He took the battle suit with him and placed it down on where he was standing. He saw the massive explosion Zhao had created and also noticed there was now a large hole in the wall. He smiled as he switched his music from Techno to Rock. He tossed the body on the ground and it began to slide down. He chased after it and jumped on the battle suit. He began weaving in and out of the trees while riding the battle suit. The wall was now only a few yards ahead of him now. He leaned forward and at the last second he leaped off the battle suit and activated his boosters to send him into the air.

"Banzai!" he yelled.

He pulled out both of his SMGs and began firing at the large group of battle suits. He managed to take out two suits before he touched the ground. He put his SMGs away and pulled out both swords. He continued charging the suits slicing anything in his path.

"I hope I'm not too late to the party."
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