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Zen listened to the woman's words, almost being moved by them. Her logic made perfect sense but how could he believe it. The Sith had attacked his village and the pompous Jedi were too busy to help him out. How could he believe either the Jedi or Sith were truly "human" as the woman put it? Once again he found himself confused by this woman but far more respecting of her. So much so that he would be willing to continue to let her speak and see what her words would do with him.

"A truly noble statement," Zen began. "Perhaps you and I are not so different. We both joined another cause based on something that happened to us and each of us is willing to give their lives for it. This currently makes us equals and for that I will share something with you. Years ago I was neither Jedi nor Sith, nor even a Found Operative. I was a Sangheili warrior, and a proud one at that. We had a small village on Dantooine and knew of the Jedi/Sith skirmishes. At the time neither group had done nothing to us so it would not be fair to take a side. One day the Sith decided to raid our village. We are a proud warrior race and my people were able to hold their ground long enough for me to escape to get help from the Jedi. When I did arrive I was blown off, the Jedi claimed they didn't have the time. I returned to find my village gone, and my people were all dead. I lost everything that day, including my wife. Months passed and eventually I was found. They took my in and accepted me, they gave me a second chance to fight. Tell me, how can I believe in such a thing as a change of heart when I lost so much?"
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