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ATTACK!: Vanguard's Penthouse, Coruscant

Seeker Adeline literally could not believe her own eyes. HOW in SPACE had these idiots infiltrated her Penthouse so quickly, and with the gas streaming through the vents besides?! They must have punched holes in the vents, she mused, and gotten out--and in here--through them. Blast it!

"My knee is fine," she growled in Garren Shain's direction, "or at least as 'fine' as it can be, considering the circumstances." She shoulded her vibroblade like a warrior preparing to go into battle. "What you say is true, you foolish Republic spy, but as to how ostanovium works, I do not know. Only the Prophet has such knowledge. He did not find me worthy enough to share it." She shook her head. "My only failure besides this one."

A leer spread over her face. "If you're so smart, then YOU enlighten me."

ATTACK!: Dais of the Throne of Gain, Coruscant

PERDANTE WAS DYING, and she knew it. Nevertheless, she would not scream or call out for help. As long as the two guards were distracted enough NOT to attack the Jedi and Republic officers who were still fighting after the explosion ouside the building, then all was well. It had to be.

"Anaphylactic shock..." she whispered. "It's happening. Tell...whomever sent you...!"
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