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ATTACK!: Dais of the Throne of Gain, Coruscant

"I can stand," Perdante replied weakly, quivering all over from the effects of the irradiation, "but I don't think I can fight. Fighting requires muscular and hand-eye coordination which"--she coughed--"I don't think I have right now. I need treatment...does anyone have a medpac?" she rasped. "By the way, Zen...thank you. Please don't let that one over there shoot me. Please."

She was referring to Dominic. Would he make a checkmating move on her?

ATTACK!: The Vanguard's Penthouse, Coruscant

Seeker Adeline's bowels turned to water. "That cannot be..." she mewled, even though she knew in her distressed gut that Garren was telling the truth. "It simply cannot be. Khristoff said the mineral was safe, that the ostanovium was the means to destroy the users of the Force, and to save ourselves...It can't be..." She had been fooled, and utterly. Tricked. The only visible instrument of the Truth was in all actuality, poisonous. Fatally so.

How could Khristoff have deceived her like this--unless HE was IMMUNE?

And here, all this time, she had thought that SHE was his successor...

With a shriek of rage that made Garren and Niera cover their ears, Seeker Adeline bolted for the Penthouse windows and thrust her head straight into them. Since they were made of decorative glass instead of safety glass, they shattered instantly, taking the Seeker's head along with the shards. In a matter of seconds, Adeline was dead, her face shattered and lacerated beyond all recognition. The ugliness of her true nature had been revealed.

Seeker Adeline, the quasi-Founder of the Found, was lost for all time.
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