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Dominic watched the two, saw the grey skin of the girl, her fearful eyes as she looked at him...

She had nothing to fear. Without a word, he answered her request for a medpac by taking one out of his belt and chucking it over to Zen. He held his silence even then, looking at her only once more - his face expressionless - before turning back towards the double doors. He unsheathed his vibrosword and, as he sat down, rested the blade across his knees and the blaster on the blade, elbows on knees. He wouldn't stop them leaving, but he wouldn't go with them. He was given a job, and he would stay with the Throne until the fight was finished...or until he died.

He knew that those who could not accept the Truth must die; it was the only way to restore balance to the universe and bring peace to its citizens. But this...this was not the way. Losing one's connection to the Force was supposed to be voluntary; what the Throne was doing to this Sith woman was torture.

There would always be some who were not strong enough to endure the effects of Gain through Loss. The Force would never be fully disconnected from anyone; it was, after all the source of all life in the galaxy. To lose every bit of it from one's body would result in certain death. The Throne, it seemed, did just that. So strong was its concentration of the mineral that it went right past disconnection and on to total annihilation. And he could not stand by and watch the woman writhe in pain until she died.

Not when her face reminded him so much of his sister.

There wasn't much time for him to mull over his decision because, a few seconds later, the persistent hiss in the background came to an end with a deafening crash. His head snapped up, and sure enough, there was a breach in the main doors, and a Jedi standing beyond it.

"This is it!" he shouted, rallying the last fighters of the Found. "Make your stand for your life, your Truth, and your Creator! Fight!"

A second later, the room exploded.

Blaster bolts flew every which way as Republic and Jedi forces stormed in through the breach, and the melee and long range weapons of the Found members gathered repaid them blow for blow. Dominic himself stood at the top of the dais, his vibrosword stuck point-first into a chink in the stone floor as he fired away, aiming carefully at the advancing enemy with his scope. After a moment, he flagged Zen around to the right side of the room. "Get her to the Cathar!" he shouted, pointing to the Jedi he had attempted to attack on Dantooine. She would know how to help the Sith.

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