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Zen nodded his head in approval at Dominic's decision. He began using the medpac on Perdante as soon as he got it. Just as he had finished up with Perdante he heard the explosion and saw the Jedi and Republic forces. He quickly scooped up Perdante and got her into cover. He watched as Dominic rallied the remaining Found members in order to fend off against the attackers. He shook his head slightly not wanting someone like Dominic to die. He was suddenly alarmed by Dominic's voice and looked over to where he was pointing. Zen saw the Cather Jedi and nodded his head. When he got Perdante to the Jedi he would make sure to tell the Cathar not to have Dominic killed.

Zen breathed in deeply before standing up again. He deactivated his energy sword and placed it at his side. He picked up Perdante once again and started running at the Jedi.

Psycho had noticed Juhani call him over and he obeyed. He began laying down cover fire while the Grand Master healed herself. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted a fairly tall alien with Perdante in its arms. It was running right at the three of them. Seeing how it had Perdante, there was nothing he could do but attempt to cover it.

Zen had never felt so alive in such a small sprint. He was once again a Sangheili warrior, trying to get his comrade to safety. He had almost forgotten who he was and was glad to be himself once more. Zen stopped in front of the Cathar and placed Perdante on the ground.

"She is weak, but she will survive." he said to the Cathar.
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